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Here on this page we will keep you up to date with the latest products we are producing.
LR Sails is a supplier of fibrefoam battens.
LR Sails uses prosail 3 design program and plotter and digitiser.


One Sails Brisbane is proud to support 2014 Lake Wivenhoe Marathon held by Brisbane Valley Sailing Club 7th and 8thJune 2014.
The competition this year should be great and the atmosphere that is created each year for this event is enormous.
This is a must do event for all sailors.
Bring your tent and camp the night as this two day fun filled event is a must.

Saturday prizes are supported by One Sails Brisbane and you will not be disapointed.

4 May 2014.

The sailing season is drawing to a close.
We at LR. One sails Brisbane are offering you great deals on repairs and maintenance of your sails.

We are also offering exceptional discounts on designing and building you new sails to suit any application, Racing, cruising, Yacht, Multihull, or of the beach Catamaran or dinghy.

Dont forget the next Season opening big regattas are just around the corner,
so dont miss out one some great deals

No matter where you are we will give you the service you deserve.

14 March 2014.

Hi to all and welcome to 2014.
We hope you all had a great year .


Here at LR Sails for the past year we have been busy with building our new loft.

It has been an exciting time for us and we are now working from our new Loft. It is situated at the same address as you are used too.

The new area has a workable floor of 16mts by 9mts, and along with our Cordes Machinery makes for better service for you as our valued customers.
Also heading our great news, We have signed a heads of agreement with
“ONE SAILS” We have been allowed exclucive Branding “ONE SAILS BRISBANE” This new and exciting development will help use service all aspecs of sails and design for you, our customer.

“ONE SAILS” are the next generation in sail technology and design with continuous Fibre one peice membrane sails.

We have designed a new A Class sail using this system and hopefully we will debut it at the Queensland A Class stae titles at Humpybong Yacht Club, Easter time 2014.

3rd January 2013

Hi to all and welcome to 2013.
It has been a while but we have been very busy here at lr sails over the last 8months with sail orders and repair.
We have been designing  and making sails for all sorts of crusing and racing boats.


Luke and I also took delivery of our new A Class DNA Catamarans and have produced new sails to suit out new series masts.

Luke in action.

We have also made mast covers
We also took delivery of our new Cordes Mini Maxi Sewing Machine

We have also finished our new Prsail 3 plotting bench and shed

29th May 2012

On the May long weekend of the 5th, 6th & 7th LR Sails made a trip to lake Tinaroo on the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland to help out with some new comers to the A Class fleet here in Queensland Australia. Tinaroo is a beautiful lake perched on top of the tablelands & water sport is a large part of what the surrounding area use it for, and sailing is one of the popular ones.
The May long weekend each year sees Lake Tinaroo Sailing Club host their annual May Day Regatta which this year attracted 86 entries including monos and cats there was even one sports boat enjoying the lake. The regatta for the club was a great success both on and off the water and their team of voluteers must be congratulated for their support.

We at LR Sails suggest you put this regatta on your bucket list for the future. I know that Luke and I are looking forward to doing this regatta in the future.


Having been asked to help out our new fellow A Class sailors in far North Queensland, Luke and I made the trip north for a tune and set up weekend with six A Class sailors on the banks of Lake Tinaroo.

Alex Adoberg, Ray Ellis, Daryl Roper, Graham Bond, Peter Buckle and Devon Wilkinson are new to the class and we welcome them to the A Class ranks. The guys, known as the Cairns Boyz, had a great weekend and were pleased to have gained a little knowledge from their experience. We spoke on mast set up, sail trim, & general boat set up with each of them. This is very valuable knowledge to have with any class of boat you may sail. If your boat feels good in the water then you will sail better.


Luke and I would like to thank the Cairns Boyz for their great hospitality over the weekend and thank Alex Adoberg for suppling us with accommodation at his Atherton Hinterland Motel We would recommend you stay there when you visit the area of Atherton in the near future Atherton Hinterland Motel

PH: 07 4091 3311
44 Cook St, Atherton.

Give Alex a call, I am sure he would love to hear from you.

Tha Cairns Boyz Lake Tinaroo.

Over the last month we at LR Sails have been busy designing new sails and repairing old ones.
We have also sourced pocket webbing for the use of making tramps for larger cats and trimarans, so if you are looking for some thing that will dump water from it quickly then this may suit your application. When platted it makes 40 mm sq holes so the water is released instantly.
For more information give us a call.

LR Sails have podium finishes in all Humpybong Yacht Club sailing series this season.
Congratulations to all winners and also to all who did not fare so well this season.

Dont forget Wivenhoe winter marathon this comming June long weekend 9th, 10th, 11th,
should be cold and a great sailing weekend. You may even win a gear bag from LR sails, but you will need to be there and register to win.
See you all there.

On another note, the end of the sailing season is apon us and it is now time for some maintainence on our boats and sails so if you need repairs to your exsisting sails or are thinking about new sails give us a call.

7th November 2011

The 2011 Lake Cootharabah Sunstate Hobie Cat Challenge has come and gone and a great success it was with some 72 catamarans making it on the water. The weather was great and the breezes ranged from 5 to 15 knots over the whole weekend. LCSC did a great job in the courses and arranging 7 races really made it a worth while regatta. The fleets were split into classes with any class that had 5 or more boats being gazetted the own prizes.

Congratulations to Brad Collett who not only one the A Class fleet but also took out Cat Sailor of the regatta. Brad had an impressive 7 wins for the series.
LR Sails was once again well represented with sails on A Class and Taipan 5.7 Spin. Our own Luke McDonald finishing in second spot in the A Class Division in a fleet of 20 A Class.

Luke and Russ have been trialing our new design A Class Main along with new load path D4 menbranes. The new 850mm head designed sail was also used by Leon McNeil who also finished well in third spot.

The new sail design is slightly flatter than the big head we produce and is narrower in the head, but quite wide at the hounds, this allowing power lower for downhill sailing.

Also over the off season we have made a few sails for the 14 foot catamaran market. Seems these boats are making a comeback and we look forward to working with these classes in the future.

8th August2011.

During the off season LR sails has been busy working on a new design A class sail that we will released soon. Testing on the new configuration and materials will start shortly.

We have also been busy building trimaran tramps and other small catamaran tramps.

If you have any sort of tramp that needs repair, or remaking, or you are building a new boat that requires a tramp or sails please give us a call.
The sailing season is just around the corner with a few events coming up this month so check over your sails and gear and give us a call if you require repairs or if you think you may like to start the season off with a new set of sails then we can build you sails that will perform.

27th May 2011.

2011 has seen LRsails produce two A Class sails into Europe for testing in the DNA Factory in Netherlands. The sail to date has been successful with good reports for the heavier sailor, 85KG plus, in the class. We have been working with them to make our sail compatable to the new tappered section mast Advanced Racing Catamaran is producing. The new mast we beleive is being release for production shortly.

We look forward to more input into how we can make this sail even quicker.


We have also released a sail to suit lighter sailors in the class, below 85KG. This sail is 850mm head width and is wider at the hounds with an 1800 foot. One is now sailing here in Brisbane and another in Melbourne were the report is that the sail has very good potential.


Lr Sails has also produced  a mainsail and Spinaker to suit Taipan 5.7 with excellent results at the 2010/2011 Australin championships. Congratulations to Shane Renolds and Mark Symonds on their tie for 1st place but unfortunatly being religated to second place on count back.

Shane reported that the taipan 5.7 with the LR sails main and spinaker was a great combination with fantastic speed and control upwind from the main sail and Speed to burn down wind with the boat feel of saftey with the lift of the spinaker.

Shane is looking forward to using a newly designed LR jib in the near future.


The winter Wivenhoe Marathon weekend is coming up on the 11th and 12th June, Queens Birthday long weekend. LR Sails is a supporter of this event and look forward to seeing you all there.

Winter is now approaching and only the few dedicated and brave will venture onto the water over the next couple of months. It is normally a good time to do some maintanance and have those new sails built ready for the new season or those repairs you have been meaning to have done.


Shane Renolds and Mark Symonds in action at the 2010 2011 Taipan 5.7 National Campionships

11th January 2011.

Brad Collett in action during the 2011 Australian A Class Championships

From the 2nd of January 2011 to the 7th of January 2011 was the  A Class Australian championships which saw 73 competitors with some of the best Off the beach catamaran sailors in the world from olympians through to the prestigous Americas Cup.

Among those sailors Brad Collett from Brisbane sailed an excellent series to claim 8th position overall out of 73 boats. the First 7 positions where all professional sailors.

We here at L.R Sails are pleased with Brads Result and would like to congratulate him on his efforts on behalf of the L.R Sails race team. If you would like to see more videos or photos please visit our Facebook page L.R Sails and click ” like ” to access the page.

We are endevouring to put more photos on our gallery page.

22December 2010.

Well the end of year is near and we have been working hard on developing our A Class Main sail. From Januarey 1st 2011 the new pricing for this sail will be $1700.00 plus $300 for battens. Total $2000.00.


The nationals are near and we will attempt to keep you up to date with the results and how our sail is performing. Watch this page.


On another note LR Sails is proud to welcome a new arrival to the team.


On the 1st December Luke and Monique became proud new parents of
Alex Levi. All are doing well and Alex has become our new foreman.


Merry Christmas to all and a Safe New Year. If you are travelling over the festive season, then do so safely and we hope to hear from you in the upcoming year.


LR sails purchases latest in long arm, Zig Zag, heavy duty machine

9th Nov 2010.

LR Sails welcomes Brad Collett to the LR Sails Race Team.

Congratulation to Brad Collett & LR Sails after taking 1st place overall at the renowned ” Cat Challenge” held at Lake Cootharaba over the weekend 6th & 7th November 2010.

LR Sails race team also took 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the A Class division with Brad Collett 1st, Peter Bradbury 2nd our own Luke McDonald 3rd.

Brad dominated the weekend with a series score of 11 after 7 races.
Peter Bradbury sailed consistantly in some very trying conditions with our own Luke McDonald sailing well on his ASG3 to gain a podium finish in the A Class division.

LR Sails is proud of it’s achievment at its debut regatta.
Peter Bradbury has been sailing with the first A Class sail produced by LR Sails for the last couple of months. He was inpressed from day 1 and is now very happy with his finishes at both club and regatta levels. He has found both upwind and downwind , this sail works.

Naturally Luke is prejudice but still maintains this sail is easy to sail with & is the way of A Class sail design for the future.

Brad sailed with our sail for the first time over the weekend and commented on how smooth & powerfull it was and how well it matched his new boat and rig. “The sail felt good both upwind and downwind.”

We will be working closely with both, Brad and Peter in the future to continue to bring you the best in sail design.

Thankyou to all sailors using LRSails. If you would like to know more about our sail designed for A Class then, please, give us a call.

1st Oct 2010.

Our latest design sail for the A class has just been realest and we have a few out on the water with a few more on order. We are producing the sail from Maxx3 Carbon Aramid 06 Material in a cross cut design. It has a large square top and is very efficient both up and down wind. We have coupled our sail with Fiberfoam Battens.

For a short time we offer our new design including Fiberfoam battens for $1790.00 inc gst.

If you are interested in a new A Class mainsail then give us a call.

Trapeze Harness

LR sails makes a trapeze harness skiff style. It is reinforced and has an adjustable Back support.
It is very comfortable and an affordable price of $285.
If you are interested the please contact us.

Rudder & Dagger Board Covers

Rudder and dagger board covers to suit Catamarans are available from $120.
Rudder and Dagger Board covers to suit Mono Hulls are available from $70.

Catamaran Tramps

LR Sails will custom make Tramps to suit your catamaran.

Boat Regatta Cover

Boat regatta covers are available from $275. Some colours available

We welcome all enquiries no matter where you are situated.