Budget Cruising Sails

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Budget Cruising Sails

Cruising sails to Fit all Budgets

Most Cruising people are looking for sails that not only, last a long time but give great value for money. 

LR Sails is committed to giving the Cruising people of Australia, not only what they are looking for, but the highest of quality for great value pricing.

Measurement Forms

Please click on the links below to download the quote measurement forms:

Once completed, please attach and email to [email protected]

Here at LR Sails we build all styles of Cruising Sails:

Headsails and Mainsails:

  • Cross Cut Budget Sails
  • Radial Cut Polyester Sails
  • Radial Cut Dyneema Sails
  • Radial Cut Laminate Sails
  • In Boom Furling Mainsails
  • In Mast Furling MainSails
  • Furling Headsails
  • Hanked On Headsails

Down Wind Sails:

  • Symmetrical Spinnakers
  • Asymmetrical Spinnakers
  • Flat Furling Reachers Internal Cable Top Down Furl.
  • Powerful Furling Reacher Internal Cable Top Down Furl.
  • Code Zero Internal Cable bottom up Furl.
  • Screechers For Multihulls Internal cable bottom up Furl.
  • Top down Furling systems
  • Bottom up Furling Systems
  • Spinnaker Sock Systems

Everything is built here in or own loft at very competitive pricing, right here in Australia.


Cruising Technology

Choosing the correct sail is where your journey begins.

Your needs are important and define the sail we recommend. Are you cruising along for a one day trip, Heading out for your summer vacation around a beautiful Island or living out your dream for a long distance passage cruise around the world?

Needs vary from person to person and boat to boat, if you’re a Coastal Cruiser, your sails must endure all types of weather conditions.

Strength and durability of Coastal Cruising & Off Shore Sails is critical.

We at LR Sails will tailor make your Coastal Cruising sail with extra upgrades and increased trimming options compared to the sails we would recommend for the sailor that primarily goes day sailing.

If you are sailing Off Shore or on a Blue Water Passage Cruise, maybe even cross-Pacific or around the world cruising, We at LR Sails will design your sails with extra attention to details, e.g.: Larger and stronger reinforcements, webbings in all rings, Stainless rings, Batten Chafe, extra stitching all over, wider seams, Stronger Threads, reef Joiners and more.

Here at LR Sails we will find the solution to fit your needs.


Material Technology

Here at LR Sails we use only quality Dacron’s, Polyesters and Dyneema’s made in Europe by: Dimension Polyant, Contender and Bainbridge. Which one to use? You may ask. This would be advised to each application and design of boat and build desire for sails required. All of these Materials are good quality and great value for money.

Cruising Sails are generally built from Cross Cut Dacrons,  giving great long lasting life of the fabric and Dacron comes in different weights therefore we can match the cloth weight to the size of your cruising boat.

These materials can be upgraded to higher end Polyesters such as Pro-radial by Dimension Polyant. or Pro-warp by Contender. These two materials allow us to Radial Cut your new sails to give you even greater shape retention and lasting material other than just Dacron. Another great step up in materials for the serious cruiser is to use Hydra-net by Dimension Polyant, or Pro-Hybrid by Contender, these two materials have Dyneema fibres loomed within to improve, once again, shape retention with less stretch in the material than just having polyester.

Another great product that is exclusive to us here is “4T Forte” by One sails,. This product is a one piece full 3D moulded Composite sail and it is the only fully green (Recyclable) sail material on the market today. You can find more info on our One Sails Page or go to our Web Page www.onesails.com .

If you cruise coastal Australia, LR Sails will listen to your wants and desires and then we will design and advise you on what materials could be used. You may want to have a basic sail or you may want to have some of the upgrades that are listed below.

If you are Cruising Open Ocean and doing long ocean passages, we at LR Sails would suggest Bluewater upgrade to basic sails.

All low cost Budget Sails may have upgrades of your choice, no matter what water you cruise:



1. Batten Chafe ……………Advised on all sails.

2. 3rd Reef………………….Advised on all sails

    2a. Reef Joiners…………….Advised on all sails

3.  All Full length Battens

4.  Alloy Batten Boxes

5.  2 Ply Leech

6.  Radial Cut

7. Leather chafe for luff hardware and corners

8.  Block Patch to Radial Patch.

9.  Sail numbers and Logos


Material Upgrade: 

10.  Pro-radial, Pro-hybrid, Hydra-net, Pro-warp Tech


Headsail Upgrades:

1. Foam Luff for furling headsail

2.  Sacrificial UV strip leech and foot

  2a.  Upgrade to Sunbrella material UV strip.

3.  Leather chafe for corners

4.  Leather chafe for Hanks.

5.  Reefing patches head and Tack

6.  Block patch to Radial Patch


Material Upgrade:

7.  Pro-radial, Pro-hybrid, Hydra-net, Pro-warp Tech


Headsail Technology

Here at LR Sails, our Budget Headsails normally have Weather max UV material, Colour of your choice, fitted to leech and foot if required and block patches.

We always suggest building your Furling Headsails with Reefing Patches on both head and tack to improve the life of the shape as long as possible. Another great upgrade to your Headsail is a Foam Luff, this will extend the life or the sail whilst furled and running furled reefed.

All of the above upgrades add to the life of your sails and will help your performance.

LR Sails also makes new boom bags for lazy Jacks or just throw over covers, we also replace Sacrificial UV strips on Headsails, along with all repairs to sails you require.

If you are in the market for Value for money sails for your cruising boat, whether  a Multihull or  Yacht , then give us a call here at LR Sails for pricing.

There is different ways to keep your sails to Budget:

Pricing as follows:

1.  You can contact us here at LR Sails and we will send you a measurement form and you can measure yourself and save.

2.  Send us the luff leech and foot measurements of your existing sails, amount of battens (leech or full Battens) A photo will always help.

3.  Contact us here at LR Sails, We are happy come to your boat and do a full geometry measure of your boat and discuss with you your needs.


LR Sails are happy to help you in any way to make your experience and transition to new sails for you cruising boat as smooth as possible and value for money.


Below are some photos of sails we have built in the past

We welcome all enquiries no matter where you are situated.